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Homelessness is
a major public health issue
that deserves our attention.

It represents extreme inequalities in health.

People who are homeless often face challenges around physical health, mental health, drugs, alcohol, offending, and other hardships.

At Newcastle University, we are working on a programme of research to better understand the needs and challenges of people experiencing homelessness.


This website brings together our findings and recommendations.

These can be used by members of the public, public health practitioners,

policy makers, and academics.



Improving the oral health and related health behaviours of adults experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage (SMD): evidence synthesis and qualitative stakeholder research


Sheena Ramsay (Principal Investigator)


Through two reviews and one national qualitative study, we have set out to identify effective long-term interventions that can improve the oral health and related health behaviours (alcohol and drug use, smoking and diet) of people with SMD.

Access to mental health and substance use services for people experiencing homelessness


Emma Adams (Principal Investigator)


Speaking with people who experienced homelessness and people who provided support during the COVID-19 pandemic, we sought to understand access to mental health and substance use support for people experiencing homelessness in Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Life experiences of
people with multiple complex needs


Sheena Ramsay (Principal Investigator)


Multiple complex needs (MCN) describe a population experiencing a combination of homelessness, substance use, offending and/or mental ill-health. We undertook two studies where we looked to 1) explore the unmet health and care needs of this population and 2) explore the reasons underlying high mortality rates.

Trauma-informed holistic care for people experiencing homelessness in Northumberland and North Tyneside


Sheena Ramsay (Principal Investigator)


Through several interconnected studies, we are looking to find ways to provide more joined-up and holistic support for people experiencing homelessness in rural and coastal Northumberland and North Tyneside. We are especially keen to understand how we can create wrap-around care that is trauma-informed.

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Evaluating the 'Everyone In' approach for people experiencing homelessness in England


Emma Adams & Sheena Ramsay

(Co-Principal Investigators)


Through a series of studies, we hope to understand the impacts of introducing ‘Everyone In’ on health and wellbeing as well as understand the potential for improving integrated, multi-agency care, and access to support for people experiencing rough sleeping and wider homelessness.

A co-produced qualitative systematic review of the impact of trauma on the mental health (including substance use) of people experiencing homelessness


Emma Adams (Principal Investigator)


We are working with people who have experienced homelessness to synthesise the global qualitative evidence on trauma during homelessness in adulthood and the impact it has on mental health and substance use.

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The impact of trauma on mental health in people experiencing homelessness: a qualitative study exploring the role of system factors and social networks


Emma Adams (Principal Investigator)


In North East England, we are looking to 1) explore trauma during homelessness and understanding its impact on mental health, 2) explore the role of social support and systems in these experiences, and 3) co-create ways to communicate and share the findings across policy and practice.

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Feel free to contact us if you would like more information or have any questions about any of the projects.

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